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Pay per Click Digital Advertising (PPC)

Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo Gemini


• Integrity will build a PPC Advertising Campaign for you, continually managed and based on your specific goals. We take a full-service, hands-on approach to PPC Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

One-on-One Consultation - This is a series of in-depth conversations to understand your business, your customers, your current budget and your investment goals.

Keyword Generation & Analysis – We generate an initial broad list of keywords related to your products, services and website content, which we then narrow to a focused list using our Keyword tools & techniques include using SEO and search query data, accomplished via: nKeyword tools , Search query data, Analytics data

Customized Ad Creative Development – We will write and test multiple ads based on the client’s products, services, and the target audience. We continually test ads with a focus on cost-per-conversion based on client goals.

• PPC Bid Management – We manage bids at the keyword and ad group level on a continuous basis in order to generate maximum efficiencies. 

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